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Our Process

Our Process

With CB&T Mortgage, you gain the benefit of every loan we touch being processed and underwritten by us. We do not send our loans to anyone else. Decisions are local, meaning we know your situation and are able to move quicker through the process than other mortgage brokers.

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STEP 1: Pre-qualify

Once you are ready to house shop, start here. Pre-qualification is the first and most important step in the mortgage loan process. We will provide you and your agent with a letter, stating the amount for which you qualify. The letter is not a loan commitment, but rather a signal that your credit history and income are sufficient to obtain a loan in that amount. Include the letter when you submit your offer to buy the home you want.

Why should I get pre-qualified?

  • Know your budget before you start buying
  • Understand what you can afford to negotiate effectively
  • Guide your Realtor to show you homes you can qualify for

STEP 2: Apply

Online or face-to-face, the choice is yours. The application is the roadmap for your loan advisor to assess your specific situation and evaluate the loan programs that will best fit your circumstances.

As part of the application process, you will need to provide:

  • Assets
  • Current income
  • History of your residence and employment from the past two years

STEP 3: Processing

Employment, assets, liabilities, and credit history are verified by outside sources to demonstrate your ability to maintain home payments. We order the appraisal to establish the fair market value of the home. We are diligent on your behalf to share all the right information with the underwriter, giving a clear understanding of your financial picture. We ask that you remain responsive and open to requests for additional information — which is all done with the shared goal of obtaining your mortgage in a timely manner.

Processing helps to coordinate with everyone in the transaction, including:

  • Title insurance companies
  • Listing real estate agents
  • Selling real estate agents
  • Appraisers
  • Homeowner’s insurance agents
  • and you!

STEP 4: Loan Approval

Once your loan is approved, you may have some conditions to meet before closing. These may be additional bank statements, verification of closing funds, letters of explanation, evidence a previous home has been sold, or additional criteria the underwriter feels is necessary to make the file meet guidelines.

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Your Advantage with CB&T Mortgage

There are many dates to keep track of throughout the loan process — dates that you must meet in order to protect your rights and move forward with the buying process. We work diligently to ensure timely action on your requests and help you meet the loan application date, the appraisal deadline, the loan approval date, and the closing date. We take our responsibility in that regard seriously.

  • 100% On Time Closings

    That’s right, we have never made an error that caused a close date to delay. That means no surprises days before closing. And we aim to keep that record.

  • Competitive Rates

    While some lenders only settle their rates once a week, we are able to monitor rates daily to ensure the best possible rate at the time of lock. We also offer multiple lock options ranging from 15 to 84 days.

  • Everything Under One Roof

    We are local. And so are our processors, underwriters, and closers. Your loan process happens here, without the worry of a cross-your-fingers hand-off.

  • 1:1 Processor to Loan Officer Ratio

    Your file is never just dropped into a pool of loans, waiting for the next available Processor. Our staff is ready to begin processing as soon as your application is complete.

  • Cutting-Edge Automation

    We use the best lending software in the industry: Encompass 360. Automation through this software provides speed and the best possible level of service.

  • Seamless Hand-offs

    Often, Processors cannot submit a loan into Underwriting until two weeks before closing. But at CB&T Mortgage, we are able to submit our loans as soon as they are ready — avoiding the strain of last-minute document requests.

  • Quick Underwriting

    We provide 24-hour turnaround time in Underwriting, and we deliver on that promise.

  • Upfront Appraisals

    To ensure no delays from an outstanding appraisal days before closing, we order the appraisal very early in the loan process.

No matter which loan type you need, we are your committed
partner in making it happen.
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