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June 23, 2022

Your Home Loan Document Checklist

Before you get to the fun part of buying a new home (homeshopping!), you’ll have to review your finances to determine what loan options you qualify for and which is the best choice for you. To help you gather everything…

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June 15, 2022

Learn the Facts (and Fiction) About Composting

Composting has a soiled reputation, but does it deserve it? More than 30% of what we throw away could be composted and added to soil to promote plant growth. That means less landfill waste and more green space, plus free…

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June 7, 2022

8 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

It’s said that if all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. That’s fine if you’re hanging a picture, but really bad if you’re trying to fix a leaky faucet. Stock your toolbox with the…

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June 2, 2022

5 Ways to Invest in Your Professional Development

Building a thriving career involves more than meeting your business and performance goals; it requires an ongoing investment in your professional development. Dedicating time to your professional growth makes you more valuable to your business and your customers, equipping you…

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May 25, 2022

A Checklist of Things to Do Once You’ve Moved In

You’ve closed on your mortgage, moved all your stuff in, and begun to settle into your brand-new space. That’s it! You’re all done, right? Not so fast. These simple but critical tasks are things every new homeowner should do when…

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May 17, 2022

5 Steps to Increase Your Referral Business Right Now

Your existing customer base is your most valuable resource for finding new business. Compared to any other lead type, referrals are the most likely to convert and the least expensive to acquire. In an industry that relies primarily on word-of-mouth…

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May 12, 2022

Magic or Math? Home Appreciation is a Little of Both!

For centuries, alchemists looked for a magical way to turn cheap metal into gold. They failed, because (spoiler alert) magic isn’t real, and if someone told you they had a spell to turn your house into money, you’d be right…

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